HAPI: Human Asset Productivity Improvement

In our experience, clients face numerous challenges when they attempt to improve the productivity of their business units. Here are a critical few:

  • Understanding the concept of “Value Add vs. Non Value Add activity. It’s surprising how many people lack a clear understanding of whether the work they perform truly adds value to the business
  • Knowing what to measure, then developing the data to accurately portray what their current productivity performance is. i.e. What’s the baseline against which improvement will be measured?
  • Management understanding of what they should expect of their employees & what their employees should be held accountable for. Job descriptions, Roles & Responsibilities documents and Job Performance Reviews (JPRs) rarely reflect what employees actually should be paid for.
  • Analytic rigor. Asking “WHY” enough times to get at the root cause of an issue, rather than the symptom. It’s tough to dig deep.
  • Underestimating the size of the productivity improvement opportunity. It’s usually a lot bigger than most people think.

We’ve creative a model to tackle these challenges. Download HAPI here.