How We Partner

KCB has a singular focus: adding value to your business.


Why KCB?

Because relative to our competitors we’re far more entrepreneurial: Focused. Faster. More results driven. Less bureaucratic.
Because we’re good enough to be out on our own & our reputation is more at risk than most others.
Because when you hire us, you hire us. We work alongside our clients & don’t outsource our work or pass it own down the organizational food chain.
Because we have deep experience in organizational behavior and the mining, metallurgy and manufacturing industries.
Because we understand, from the supplier & the user side, what is expected of business systems, including ERP systems.
Because at the end of the day, it comes down to who you can trust most to deliver the insights and solutions that help your business succeed.


What You Can Expect from KCB:

  • A singular, disciplined focus on delivering value.
  • A highly collaborative approach, demonstrated by the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we deliver.
  • We combine your knowledge of your business with our proven specialist skills to improve business performance.
  • We bring insight, an exceptional grasp of the client perspective, effective knowledge sharing, and capability transfer that simplifies life, rather than making it more complicated.
  • Pragmatic solutions that are designed and implemented to address your specific business issues.
  • Solution development and implementation expertise that is grounded in 100-plus years of industry and consulting experience across a broad range of functions and industries.
  • Results that are measurable, meaningful and delivered faster, yet at no net annualised cost to our clients.

Above all, we are committed to work in the best interests of you & your business. These are capabilities most other firms are challenged to deliver.


KCB: Powerful insights. Pragmatic solutions. Proven results.