Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence

Rapid Operations Assessment

It’s easy to say that shareholder value is important. It’s not so easy to make it influence the decisions that are made every day: where to spend time and resources, how best to get things done, and ultimately, how to win in the marketplace. But the links between increasing shareholder value and driving those increases through “Operations Excellence” are not always obvious. CLICK TO READ MORE


Human Asset Productivity Improvement (HAPI): The Challenges

In our experience, clients face numerous challenges when they attempt to improve the productivity of their business units. Here are a critical few: CLICK TO READ MORE


Lean/Six Sigma

Historically, manufacturing was the place to create value: if you built it they would come – the “push” value chain in action. Today, the customer is the focal point in the value chain and all operations, from selling to manufacturing to distribution, must be aligned to customer requirements and demand – the “pull” value chain as it has come to be known. CLICK TO READ MORE


Maintenance Management

In most organizations, when something breaks, maintenance is mobilized to fix it. Schedules are thrown off. Deliveries are at risk. Shifts sit idle. Costs go up. Production goes down. When the problem is fixed, calm returns….until the next time. CLICK TO READ MORE

Our Clients Say…

I engaged KCB to help me develop a better understanding of our supplier and plant relationships and how we could enhance those relationships to our mutual benefit. The reason I selected KCB was because of their senior level resources, their clear commitment to act in our best interests and the additional value that I perceived they’d bring to the table. They were a pleasure to work with and –most importantly – delivered on all counts.Greg Courts, Manager Strategic Sourcing, Alcan Primary Metals Group
I had the experience of working with several different consulting outfits. What distinguishes the KCB consultants from the others I have worked with is that they bring a disciplined, well thought out process to the task at hand and they continuously conduct themselves in a practical manner. It’s clear to me that KCB, more so than other firms, has a results-oriented focus and makes it their priority to make the client successful in his/her endeavours.Laurence, Corporate Comptroller, Major Global Base Metals Company
I worked with Karl during a business re-engineering project and I found him to be a very open, honest, direct and “to the point” kind of person. I enjoyed our work immensely. Rather than being a consultant, he became a colleague, shared the frustrations and the achievements we achieved during the project. His knowledge in operations, especially in Lean Manufacturing was quite extensive, but he could also provide input regarding strategic issues. Altogether a well rounded, likable, approachable, humorous, and non-intimidating type of consultant, which is a rare trait nowadays. I would have him on my side anytime and recommend him to anybody looking for an ally for their business. You will not be sorry.John Guven, Director of Global Financial Systems and ProcessesCelestica
We retained KCB to perform an operational review covering a substantial part of our processing plant. In the past several years we had achieved significant productivity improvements and felt that another set of eyes would be beneficial in moving to the next level of performance. It was key for us, from a sustainability perspective, that our people be intimately involved in all aspects of the review. KCB brought an objective, disciplined approach to this assignment and worked effectively to engage and develop our people. We are now well down the path to achieving a 10% improvement in the efficiency of the converter aisle.Smelter General Manager