Warehousing and Distribution

Like many aspects of supply chain management, the optimal methods for distribution already exist. Success is simply a matter of putting them into action. Why is it then that warehousing and distribution remain a sore point for many companies – inaccurate inventories, product damages, order fulfillment error, unpredictable cycle times and excess costs?

In our opinion, it’s because most companies have not mastered the foundational disciplines required for world class distribution performance, before moving on to more sophisticated systems and customer service programs.

KCB understands how distribution centers should work. We have significant capabilities across many warehouse operations and management systems. We make sure you have well defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for key processes. We work to ensure your physical layout supports efficient operations. We implement velocity-based storage practices to minimize travel times and improve labor productivity. We improve the use of space to make sure that you have enough room on the shipping and receiving docks. We make sure that you’re using racking and material handling equipment that is right for your operations.