Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing encompasses more than just basic cost cutting, it addresses the “Total Cost” of products and services that are procured.

For most procurement organizations, cost cutting and assurance of supply remain the primary goals. The key to achieving breakthrough results involves developing systematic and collaborative approaches to sourcing products and services – approaches that go far beyond simple bidding and price evaluations. Proper use of volume consolidation, specifications, total cost analysis, global sourcing, supplier relationships, process improvements and technology will dramatically reduce external spend, while improving quality and supplier performance. We know – because we have done it many times.

KCB also helps clients assess their practices – a five-stage model of sourcing and procurement best practices that provides a clear picture of improvement opportunities and highlights necessary changes.

Strategic sourcing remains a fundamental source of bottom line benefits because of the rapid evolution of suppliers and markets. KCB’s approach builds knowledge so procurement organizations keep pace and set the bar higher for their suppliers.