Maintenance Management

In most organizations, when something breaks, maintenance is mobilized to fix it. Schedules are thrown off. Deliveries are at risk. Shifts sit idle. Costs go up. Production goes down. When the problem is fixed, calm returns…until the next time.

Company health depends on keeping all of its parts in proper working order. Yet it’s surprising that so many organizations neglect one of the essential elements of success. In numerous companies, business suffers because not enough attention is paid to maintenance – while the payoffs associated with effective maintenance management are significant:

  • Increased capacity to produce and provide goods and services
  • Expanded process capability to produce customer satisfaction
  • Predictable safe and controlled work environment, with a minimum of risk

KCB are experts at building world-class maintenance organizations. We’ve done it across a broad spectrum of industries – from pulp and paper to mining and metals, from food manufacturers to consumer packaged goods, from oil and gas to chemical companies, from airlines to automotive.

We bring a highly disciplined approach to maintenance excellence. It starts with a rigorous health check in the form of a comprehensive maintenance diagnostic. It continues with a prescription of what needs to improve and follows with the business case for change. It finishes with the implementation of the appropriate maintenance strategy, people, processes and systems to sustain the benefits of lower costs, and increased plant reliability and uptime.