Lean/Six Sigma

Historically, manufacturing was the place to create value: if you built it they would come – the “push” value chain in action. Today, the customer is the focal point in the value chain and all operations, from selling to manufacturing to distribution, must be aligned to customer requirements and demand – the “pull” value chain as it has come to be known.

Within this new model, superior manufacturing capabilities such as adherence to quality, dependability, cost, and flexibility are now qualifiers to compete. Operations excellence requires organizations to perform well across all of these dimensions, not just one.

KCB works with clients to get them to understand what Operations Excellence means to them by understanding the priorities – quality, cost reduction, increased throughput, flexibility, asset utilization – and aligning these operations accordingly. We educate people on the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma, and train them in the key concepts. We work with clients to execute these concepts not only on the production floor, but across the enterprise. We work with clients to achieve leanness of operations and reduce process variability through techniques like “pull,” single flow, SMED, 5S, just-in-time, DMAIC, SPC, and cycle time reduction, with significant bottom line results.