Marketing and Sales

Today, no single business topic commands more attention, yet generates more confusion than transforming the way you market, sell and service customers to build a competitive advantage. On one hand, organizations are reporting significant revenue and margin improvements, dramatic reductions in cost of sales, meaningful reductions in sell cycle length and real increases in customer satisfaction ratings. On the other hand, research indicates that 50 percent and more of all sales and marketing initiatives generate minimal gains or no improvement at all.

Customers expect high quality, tailored goods, services and solutions delivered rapidly. They want to easily recognize value. Now more than ever, businesses need to gear their entire organizations to attract profitable customers and retain them for life.

KCB understands the complexity of transforming a non-commodity company into a customer-centric organization. We’ve worked with numerous organizations to help them develop the correct sales and marketing strategies. We’ve helped them build the capabilities to deploy these strategies effectively.

We understand that the difference between success and failure lies in the knowledge and ability that an organization brings to its sales and marketing plans. We’re expert at working with clients to mobilize these efforts. And we understand the heavy lifting that’s often required to translate your strategy into increased sales and profits – through people, processes and systems.

We’ll work with you to:

  • Build a strategic vision based on customer loyalty – knowing who your most valuable customers are and how to focus on them
  • Capture every interaction with your customers and get that information to the people in the company who can benefit most from it
  • Use your customer knowledge to make products less expensively and with higher value, giving you the pricing flexibility to keep and attract customers and boost margins
  • Use your customer understanding to predict customers’ buying patterns and manage inventory more effectively
  • Improve the effectiveness of your sales force
  • Use feedback from customers to continually improve products and services and resolve the “customer paradox” – deteriorating customer satisfaction in the face of rising product quality
  • Leverage your brand to reduce marketing costs for new products introduced under the same umbrella
  • Exploit customer feedback to reduce design problems in new product development
  • Use your information technology more effectively to build strong customer relationships and facilitate communication

Most importantly, we do the market analysis including the competition; where the market is in it’s life cycle: early strong growth, mature, sunset; where and how you can grow market share & sustain it; how you can stay one step ahead of the competition; whether or not you are in a niche situation. In short, we’ll help formulate a marketing strategy that will grow your company into bigger and perhaps new markets.